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They offer home loans for first home buyers or those looking to refinance their homes, auto loans, recreational verhicle loans , boat loans, sport vehicle loans, personal lines of credit loans and personal loans.

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BECU Discussion

  • Q: What is the interest rate on my money market account compared to my savings account?

    Reply Annette from Seattle, United States

BECU Discussion Activity

  • - Deposits
    Q: What is today's CD rate for a 1 year note and a 2 year note for 50,000 dollars?

    Reply Rita from Mercer Island, United States
  • BECU 5 Year New Auto Loan - Loans
    Q: Hi, my name is nadia I have a question , I would like to buy a mobile home and I would like to get a loan of 20.000 so my questions is how much rate will be ?

    Reply nadia from Yakima, United States
  • Credit
    Q: Do you have any specials for 9% credit cards and balance transfers?

    Reply Lori from Southworth, United States

BECU Reviews

  • I went to the Newcastle branch to open a Certificate of Deposit, was told in order to get the best rate I would have to have a checking account with BECU, I said ok then I was told if I wanted the best rate I would be required to have on line banking, this was after we filled out the paper work. Because I have had a bad experience with my computer I refused. Would seem like I should have been told this at the beginning. I may just have to consider moving away from BECU.

    Thomas from United States
  • Staff at Spokane Valley branch are wonderful! I wish the $500. CD, at least in IRA and ROTH category, could make the interest large deposits make. The less wealthy need to grow a retirement more quickly than the well heeled and sacrifice to set money aside.. The small accounts are as committed as the large!

    Mary from Spokane , Washington , United States
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