Chase offers fixed rate of return certificate of deposits for terms between 1 and 120 months. Chase website offers two types of CD offerings, a 'standard rates' without a checking relationship and 'relationship rates' when linked to a Chase personal checking account. This bank offers FDIC insurance protection up to the current applicable limit with a Chase CD requiring a $1000 minimum deposit to open.

Chase CD Vs CD Savings rates

Its CDs offer both a higher interest rate for a fixed locked term while the its savings product offers while offering lower rate of return than its CD with funds available immediately. Both are government guarenteed.

Chase CD Vs Chase Bonds

CDs are government guarenteed and depending on the bond, could be considered less risky than equity.

For example JPMORGAN CHASE 13/23 bond has a 3.375% coupon that mature on 5/1/2023 with yields vary depend the market.

When Fed interest rates are high, a Chase CD may yield a better return than its bond but when fed rates are low, the Chase bond could be the higher-paying investment

CHASE CD Interest Rates

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CHASE Discussion

  • Q: A cd of 20000 how much the bank pay me in 3 years

    Reply Franklin difo from Pompano Beach, United States
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